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On-site service - Our on-service is designed to be quick and worry free. No plugging and unplugging no driving. You tell us where to show up and what you need done and we take it from there. Most of our service calls are handled within 2 business days Emergency calls are handled the same day. We also provide on-site service to home users. Hourly rate $96 (one hour minimum charge) Travel time is free for the first 1 hour $24 every 15 minutes after that.

Service Contracts - For those who have greater needs. We have maintenance contracts available. We will implement our 4S (Standardization, Security, Savings and Speed) plan which will keep your systems running like well oiled machines. Service contract customers are given highest priority so response times are even faster. Service contracts can be for as little as 1 hour per month and labor discounts as high as 25%

General Computer Diagnostic - Computer broken and you don't know what's wrong? Bring it here and we will put our diagnostic talents to work for you. If it is a quick fix we will take care of it for you otherwise we will have a quote for you by the next business day guaranteed. $80 (will be applied to overall bill if we fix it.)

PC Tune Up - As programs get added, removed and updated on your computer it can cause decreased speed and performance. Our tune up will get rid of unwanted error messages, increase performance and get your computer running faster* we'll even clean out the insides of your computer! $100

*results not guaranteed


Hardware upgrades - As programs become more sophisticated it often becomes necessary to upgrade your computer. We use only the most reliable parts to upgrade your computer and if you are a preferred customer we'll install your hardware free if you buy it from us. Don't forget our hardware comes with a 1 year parts and labor on-site warranty. $15+

Virus Spyware/Removal - We will thoroughly scan your computer for viruses and spy ware and remove them. Once that is done we will makesure you have adequete virus protection. $100


Computer Re-image* - Sometimes things get so bad you just need to start over. We can re-image your computer and backup your data if needed. Even if you don't have the original disks many times we can still take care of it for you. (License Key Required!)
Re-image w/o Data Transfer $150
Re-image w/ Data Transfer $225- $300

*Operating System, Anti virus Program and Office Suite only. Additional applications $20 each.

Pickup/Drop-off Service - If you don't want to pay for a service visit and you don't have time to drop your computer off, you can use our pick up and delivery service. Available in the Greater Burlington and St. Albans areas only. We will pick up your computer, fix it then drop it back off to you. Pickup/Drop-off time will be scheduled within 2-3 business days. $24


On-site services

Hourly Rate $90
Minimum on-site charge $96 plus travel if any.
(Round Trip) Travel Time First hour free $24 for every 15 minutes thereafter.

In-house services

General Diagnostic $80
PC-Tune Up $100
Virus/Spyware Removal $100-$300
HD Re image $150
HD Re image (w/ Data Preservation) $200 - $300
Pickup/Delivery Service $24 (Greater Burlington Area and St. Albans only)


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