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Referral Program

At I.T. Services, llc we realize our best form of advertising is you. Since we pay all of our other advertisers, we thought it only fair to pay you as well. So send us a lead. If they become a customer we will send you 20 bucks! Cash!

However we do require a few things before you get your money.

  1. You must be a preferred customer. How can we send you a check if we don't have your address? So sign up here.
  2. We must have your name, their name, and a phone number to call (If it is a home user please make sure it is ok for us to call them.)
  3. The customer must not have had us perform any billable work in the last 5 years.
  4. We must bill them for at least a diagnostic or 1 hour of labor. (Sorry buying parts only doesn't count.)

Additional questions are answered in F.A.Qs or you can use our contact us form for anything not covered there.




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